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  • Graphics
    • lighting
    • shadow
  • Sound
    • blending of sound between scenes
    • correct start/end of sounds
    • implement missing lua callbacks
  • Animations
    • various issues when playing animations
  • Head-turning


before mid-term

Task PR Done? Comments
Fix animation interpolation #846 100%
Implement missing key handling for the animation component #846 #885 100%
Correctly prioritize animations #885 100% Chore play order should not affect which animation is displayed.
Implement animation blending #885 100% Smoothly transition between animations depending on fade delay given as parameter to PlayChore/StopChore. Requires animations to be applied in priority order to look right.
Implement Lighting for OpenGL renderer #920 100%

after mid-term

Task PR Done? Comments
Implement shadows #956 100%
Implement head turning animation (ActorLookAt) #947 100% For example, Guybrush should turn his head towards objects that can be interacted with
Implement start/stop times and transitions between music tracks 100%

stretch goals

Task PR Done? Comments
Implement Lighting for OpenGL Shaders renderer #942 100%
Implement Lighting for TinyGL renderer #920 100%
Animation optimization #923 100%
Fix vertex skinning #932 100%
Pathfinding fixes #926 100% Fix Elaine taking a detour after the cutscene in gmi.
Fix certain sprites not showing #938 100% For example the lights at Stan's and the candles in the Governor's mansion.
Implement joystick emulation for the PS2 version 0%
Reverse engineer PS2 iMuse-id to filename mappings 100%
Implement FASTDYN lighting mode 0%


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