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  • Generic bugs, starting with high-level handling of lua callbacks (e.g. actor positioning)
  • Non-shadow, non-lighting OpenGL issues like clipping
  • Bugs regarding wrong placement of actors
  • Bugs regarding wrong Z-order
  • Collision bugs (e.g. log ride)


Tasks highlighted with light green have been completed with the pull request accepted in the ResidualVM project.

Open Tasks

Task Blog Posts PR Progress Comments
The logs in the lava puzzle do not follow the correct paths, and don't seem to stay in the correct place once moved 1 #877 50% The collision checking code isn't being triggered. Also seen when Timmy is running on the beach in mib.
The milk bottle is invisible after the monkey throws it #878 0%
Guybrush is invisible in the underwater cavern #870 0%
Text in some scenes is rendered in the wrong place 1 2 3 #871 #964 100% textObjects do not use all of the passed parameters, lots of bugs

Stretch goals

Task Blog Posts PR Progress Comments
Implement setActorLocalAlpha 1 2 3 10% Will fix the canon fuse, will likely require OpenGL fixes
Sometimes the log gets flooded with: "Call expression not a function" 0% Need to figure out why? Could require either a patch for the Lua or a fix for the engine, or perhaps a symptom of scene jumping and can be ignored...

Completed Tasks

Task Blog Posts PR / Issue Progress Comments
Allow the intro movie to be skipped in the demo 1 2 #852 100% There's no Lua script for skipping the intro movie, so the engine needs to have support
Make the pretzel vanish after being eaten 1 #858 100% Actors with a wear chore of nil shoudn't be drawn
Fix segfault when switching to a setup with no background 1 #882 100% The default background, dfltroom, is now loaded when the background can't be found
Fix attach and detach coordinates 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 #936 #943 #944 Git 85% Quaternions needed to be added properly.
It's impossible to leave the closeup of Pegnose Pete's House 1 2 3 4 #873 100% The sector was being checked by a substring of the name, so it was impossible to switch from pph_closer to pph_close
Actors sometimes are pointed in the wrong direction, causing them to walk backwards 1 #880 100% This was actually caused by a stubbed function: ActorStopMoving()
In the scene toc, the conversation with Herman is hard to trigger 1 2 #895 100% The sector toc_log overlaps with toc_wide so the change from toc_wide doesn't happen
In the scene lav, the lava was being rendered incorrectly 1 2 #910 100% Sprites are now clamped while other textures are repeated
Fix a segfault in the demo 1 2 3 4 #851 75% The fix in #852 hides this issue, but some form of the patches in git should still be applied


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