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Where to get the gamesWhere to get the games

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Some games supported by ResidualVM can still be bought from companies at the links below.

For other (out of print) games try Amazon, eBay, Game Trading Zone or other auction sites but beware of faulty games (e.g., scratched discs) and illegal game copies (e.g., from Butterfly Media).

The ResidualVM team does not recommend any individual supplier of games and this list is for reference purposes only.


Commercial games

Most games have demo versions to try out which also run with ResidualVM, these can be downloaded from the ResidualVM demos page.

Funcom games

The Longest Journey Windows (digital copy)
Steam (digital copy)

LucasArts games

Escape from Monkey Island Windows (digital copy)

Presto Studios games

Myst III: Exile Macintosh & Windows (digital copy)


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