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This page lists the data files you need to run any of the games ResidualVM supports. Copy them to a folder on your hard drive and select that same folder in the 'Add Game' dialog to play a game.


Grim Fandango

Further information: Grim Fandango
  • *.LAB from both the disks (you can safely overwrite them when requested)
  • gfupd101.exe (The official 1.01 Grim_Fandango_Patch. Don't run it, just put the file with the LABs)


  • *.lab
  • Movies

Escape From Monkey Island

Further information: Escape from Monkey Island

The following files must come from either a patched installation, or copied from the CD with one of the patches copied to that directory.

  • *.m4b
  • Movies
  • Textures

Note: voiceAll.m4b is repeated on both CDs. You must use the copy from the first CD as it contains all of the required voice data.

Note: Textures/FullMonkeyMap.imt on CD1 must be renamed to "FullMonkeyMap1.imt", and the FullMonkeyMap.impt from CD2 must be renamed to "FullMonkeyMap2.imt". Both files should remain in the Textures directory.


  • *.lab
  • Movies
  • Music

Myst 3

Further information: Myst 3

You will need these elements from your game CDs or DVD :

  • M3Data directory
  • Data directory
  • The menu language file '[LANGUAGE].m3u' (DVD only)

When using the CD version, you will need to merge the 'Data' directories from all four discs. Playing directly from the CDs is not supported.

The game must be at least version 1.1. For most releases of the game, the update is already applied on the installation media, no action is required. Otherwise, ResidualVM asks for the update to be installed and refuses to run the game. The updates can be downloaded from

The DVD version is multilingual, you can change the in-game language from the game menu. However, you must choose the language of the menus by copying the appropriate files. You have to copy the menu language file from your chosen language folder on the disc. On the DVD, the menu language file can be named 'language.m3u' or '[LANGUAGE].m3u' depending on the release. It should be copied to the 'M3Data/TEXT' folder. If the file is named 'language.m3u', it should be renamed to the explicit language e.g. ENGLISH.m3u for English.

The following image shows the expected folder structure. The interrogation marks represent several files or folders matching a pattern.

Myst III folder structure


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