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Getting InvolvedGetting Involved

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So, you've been using ResidualVM and now you want to help? Great!


Helping Areas

There are a number of ways to get involved in the ResidualVM project.


ResidualVM still lacks documentation, from the README file to this wiki. Your help could be really useful to update what's already written and to write new documentation.

Bug Triaging

With the increase of the users, the bugs open at the Github Issues will be more and more. You could help by looking at the bugs, trying to reproduce them and contacting the original reporter if something is missing. This way you make bug fixing for developers easier as they are not overflowed with bugs.


If you can code you can join the development of ResidualVM, either working on code there is already or writing new engines or ports. See Start developing for details.

If you don't know C++ you can still help out in other areas just as important, like the website, the makefiles or the configure script.

Contact us

After you have choosen what to do contact us for any question. We will be glad to help!


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