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Grim Fandango Original BugsGrim Fandango Original Bugs

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Even though Lucasarts released a patch, Grim Fandango still has a number of bugs of the game data. Thanks to ResidualVM's hot patching system we can fix them on the fly when loading the data.

Notable bugs fixed

  • At the edge of the World Manny was unable to speak to Domino in his factory. 1.
  • The conveyor belt at the edge of the World is famously known to be really troublesome. That is no longer true in ResidualVM.
  • Bowlsley does not point the gun at Manny, but rather at some point in the wall (2). ResidualVM fixes that and also Manny's animation in that sequence.
  • Often opening the inventory while a sequence was going on could freeze the game. ResidualVM fixes most of those cases.
  • When handing Manny the work order Glottis' animation was choppy.

This are the most notable ones, but ResidualVM fixes some other, more subtle, bugs. See here for a full list.


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