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Myst 3Myst 3

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Myst III: Exile
First release 2001
Also known as Myst 3
Developed by Presto Studios
Published by Ubisoft
Russobit-M (Russia)
Distributed by Ubisoft
Platforms Mac OS, PlayStation 2,
Resolution 640x480, 24-bit color
Engine Sprint
Support Since ResidualVM 0.2.0
Available for

Myst III Exile takes place 10 years after Riven. You go to Tomahna, Atrus' new home. Atrus offers to show you Releeshahn, the age that the remaining D'ni established. Before that can happen, a man appears and steals the linking book. You go after him through several ages and try to understand who he is.


Current state in ResidualVM

Myst 3 is completable.

Updates for the CD version

It is recommended to use the most recent official game update for your language. Note that the DVD version comes fully updated.

TODO / Known bugs

  • The PS2 version is not supported.
  • The Xbox version is not supported.

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