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Reporting BugsReporting Bugs

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How to report a bug properly for ResidualVM

ResidualVM now accepts bug reports, which we divide into 4 categories:

  • Blockers - Bugs that make the game impossible to complete
  • Crashes - Exactly what it says on the box
  • Glitches - Graphical/Sound/Video issues that aren't serious enough to be Blockers
  • Compile Errors - Also quite self-descriptive

Please be thorough when you report, and know that ResidualVM is still alpha, and has quite a few issues.

Gather all the relevant information

What really happens?

First, you must explain what the problem is, and preferably also what should have happened instead, it's great if you can find a screenshot from the original game to compare to, and even better if you can find a gameplay-video on Youtube to compare against.

Additional information

When all this is done, please also note down your OS, computer-spec and whether you used the Software Renderer or not (should say so in the window-title of ResidualVM). Also, please do note the version of ResidualVM you tested with (should be shown in residualvm-main-menu), and, if you tested with an older version, please retest with the latest nightly (or git HEAD), before posting.

How, where, and did it happen again?

Any bug needs to be able to be repeated for testing, therefore it's important to create a savegame as close as possible to the problem, and replay the part, to verify that the problem happens again (please also make sure to close ResidualVM completely before loading that save). When you have this save, and you have verified that the bug is repeatable, describe what to do to trigger the bug, and make the save available for download. Also, if it's a graphical glitch, please make screenshots of the problem as well.

Where can I upload saves?

Since github doesn't allow attachments to issue-reports, you will have to upload your saves (and screenshots) somewhere else, as a temporary measure, you can use (files are only available for 20 or so days after upload from there). Then note down the links to your uploads.

Is it already reported?

Next, check the Github Issues to see if someone has already reported your problem. If they have, check if something is different on your computer (different language-version of Grim, different OS etc, and comment on the bug if it happens differently on your machine)

Time to deliver

Once you have run through all the upper steps, pick a nice and descriptive title for your bug, for instance "GRIM: Can't walk out of Manny's office after picking up his Deck of Cards", also note the prefix, GRIM for Grim Fandango, GRIMDEMO for the DEMO, and COMMON for issues unrelated to either (for instance theme-problems, crashes before game-start etc).

Then double check what you wrote, and send it to the Github Issues. Do NOT report it on the forums, unless GitHub is down and having it fixed is a matter of life!


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