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Stark engine TODO list

User Interface

  • Inventory: Add tooltips
  • Game view: Add tooltips
  • Dialog panel: Fix the colors
  • Top menu: Implement the diary button
  • Top menu: Implement the tooltips
  • Top menu: Play the animations / scripted display
  • Overall: Complete font support
  • Main menu
  • Options screen
  • Save / Load screen
  • Book of secrets
  • Diary screens

3D stuff

  • Shadows
  • Walk collisions
  • Skeletal animation blending
  • Complete BIFF meshes support (textures, lighting)


  • Add save / load serializers to more resource types
  • Pause / resume
  • Lipsync


  • Implement missing opcodes

Items not on the TODO list for now

  • Add more renderers. The rendering part of the engine is not yet mature, and having to implement the same feature several times would just be an annoyance. The current renderer should run on all development machines.


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